Masters of Material

Masters of Material is a speculation we came across in istanbul. We see craftsmen not as manufacturers of objects, but as specialists with the knowledge and expertise to shape and form material.

Scenario 1: Center of Material
The masters of material unite in a central organization of material. From their centre of material they can organize their political efforts. The students learn the practice in the old workshops in the surroundings. At the same time they receive a theoretical training in centre building. Finally they graduate on a university level and become master of material.

Scenario 2: Monastery
All masters of material live in a monastery on the highest mountain of Turkey. People pilgrim there to find answers for their question and gain knowledge. The high masters decide who is worthy to graduate in material related studies.

Scenario 3: Space

Only a single master of material is left. The countries fight about his precious knowledge. Finally it is decided to shoot him into space. In a cloning satellite this last specimen will be preserved forever and on a clear night he will give craft tutorials on the sky.


Derya Akdemir, Ecem Aksoy, Emanuel Gollob, Esra Tokat, Jasper Eikmeier, Liana Kuyumcuyan, Nur Horsanali, Tao Chan

Team Contribution

  • Concept
  • Speculation
  • Visualization