mechanics of holes

find the perfect spot to plant a tree

In a hyper rational society specialized jobs and unique workwear garments evolve for every task. The aim to find a perfect spot to plant a tree needs a constant check of rain probability, UV values, electromagnetic fields and soil quality. The habit of measuring becomes deeply linked with brains and body. To create a counterbalance, a religion is construed. A religion which offers “no need to measure anything“ and the option to take off your clothes. But how would they move?

Radio News

Values for zone F to P were updated this morning. The results lead to a slight shift in borders form zone G25 to M12 this morning due to an unexpected increase in acidity in sector G25 gamma. (as well as a rapid drop in temperature in sector M12 omega).

Values for the remaining zones are stable so far, the next data update is expected this evening 9 pm. The congress also released an updated version of the instructions for finding spots for buildings from concrete, with special focus on …

Nudist Broadcast

“Measuring equals survival!” … it’s what we read from the billboards in the billboard zones “One day you’ll also be a great and successful measure expert!” … it’s what they tell you in school “Join the plantists and you’ll have access to areas you’ve never seenbefore!” … is what they shout from TVs.

What if we tell you you don’t have to measure anything?

Alexander Fruhstorfer, Daria Lukic, Emanuel Gollob

Team Contribution

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Prototyping