The Moderator

Algorithms already analyze content we generate within digital platforms for ideological value. How else could political participation look like in the age of digital technology? What if there were new public professions providing space for face to face debates within the city scape? Professionists collecting tweets to bring them into tangible space for discussion, establishing a new dynamic ritual of political participation.

In an AI supported society the Ideological Agency, IA, is weekly organising idealogical rituals in public space. The MA (Material Agency) is providing materialised debate triggers as mobile start points for these citizen discussion rituals.

Education is switched to a more right sided brain focus. The empathic, ideologic and the emotional universities are gaining more and more on importance. It goes that far that citizens develop a proportional bigger right sided brain and therefore are able to research in cooperation with machine thinking fields, beyond contemporary imagination.

Idealogical Moderator:

As former expert in the post industrial age, she/he had perfect credentials to finish a idealogical moderator university right after the robotic rise up. Right now she/he is working at the IA as a mobile moderator and weekly preparing debate topics according to local tweet trends. As a moderator its her task to gather people, give them signs when the debates start, introduce them to the debate ritual and provide expert knowledge.


His skill set is highly familiar to former art and design professions but now it is about making debate triggers in public space. Its about opening alternative perspectives in every citizen on the street and joining IA moderators and the materialised artefact in the debates.


As a post industrial society everybody is expert in something. Citizens are now used to publicly share their opinions and are able to discuss them in a cultivated way. The weekly idealogical debate ritual gets part of their identity and they now identify them as fragmented cultural individuals all sharing the realisation of the dream to leave in a idealogical citizen based society.

Alexander Fruhstorfer, Daria Lukic, Emanuel Gollob

Team Contribution

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Prototyping