Robot, Doing Nothing III

Proud to be right now on view in Berlin as part of the exhibition “ERROR – The Art of Imperfection” by Ars Electronica for DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum.

How would a society look like in which you are rewarded for doing nothing? This robotic installation invites you to let your mind wander freely in a state of inactivity while watching the constant changes in its geometric string pattern. The installation is as much a critique of the extreme busyness of modern society, in which we are permanently present and ready to communicate, as it is a post-industrial future scenario in which robots are part of our daily lives.


In collaboration with Johannes Braumann (University of Art and Design Linz, Creative Robotics)

Kindly supported by KUKA Roboter CEE Gmbh


  • Concept
  • Design
  • Choreography