Doing Nothing with AI 2.0

Doing Nothing with AI 2.0 is a robotic installation which uses EEG measurements and a GAN machine learning model to optimize its parametric movement sound and visuals with the aim to make me watch and Do Nothing. 

The multidisciplinary project Doing Nothing with AI intends to address the common misconception of confusing busyness with productivity or even effectiveness. Taking a closer look there is not too much substance in checking our emails every ten minutes or doing some unfocused screen scrolling whenever there is a five minutes wait at the subway station. Enjoying a moment of inaction and introspection while letting our minds wander and daydream may be more productive than constantly keeping us busy with doing something.

Core Team
Emanuel Gollob – design, concept & research
Magdalena May – research
Veronika Mayer – sound art
Conny Zenk – visual art

Advice and support
Johannes Braumann – robotic support
Dr Orkan Attila Akgun – neuroscientific support
Magdalena Akantisz & Pia Plankensteiner – Graphic Design 

Parts of the previous iteration were produced at Design Investigations studio at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Supported by Vienna Business Agency.