Shaky Savine & Doing Nothing with AI

Jacobo Hernández Enríquez improvising the violin play “Shaky Savine” inspired by his perception while being connected via EEG to Doing Nothing with AI 1.0. “Shaky Savine” is a modular music piece by the contemporary composer Armin Sanayei. It consists of 10 modules and each module has a length between 10-30 seconds and can be combined with any other module in any order. This makes it impossible for the installation to keep the violin player in the Non-task brain mode (the Non-Task brain network always active if somebody is not concentrating on a task) and creates a beautiful dialogue of two actors desperately trying to fulfil their embedded aims.

Armin Sanayei – composer of Shaky Savine
Jacobo Hernández Enríquez – violin improvisation
Emanuel Gollob – Doing Nothing with AI
Anna Mitterer – film recording
Alexander Yannilos – sound recording & mastering
Initiated and produced by REAKTOR & Reconsil